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About Addis Ababa

It’s the capital of Ethiopia as well as the central hub of the African Union and UN Economic Commission for Africa, making Addis Ababa (often shortened to just “Addis”) a powerhouse in the region. Most travelers are here for negotiations and business, though there are certain sites to be seen during meeting breaks.

We can give you a full day or half-day tour of the city’s historical and tourist attraction places.

Things to Do in Addis Ababa

When you’re looking for things to do in town, these are regarded as top spots:

  • National Museum of Ethiopia – It’s one of the most popular museums in the area, and for good reason. You can check out a replica of “Lucy,” the famous hominin, plus trinkets and personal items of the former royal family.
  • Mount Entoto – Park your Addis Ababa car rental at the base of Mount Entoto and get a good workout on the way up. It’s the highest peak in the city, at roughly 2 miles tall.
  • Addis Mercato – It’s the largest market in the city and hums with constant activity. Whether you’re looking for spices, clothes, or anything else, it’s a great place to get a feel for the city.
  • Lion of Judah – Make a stop in front of the Lion of Judah, a black stone statue of a lion meant to represent the strength of the country.


Biggest Cities In Ethiopia - Addis Ababa Tours

Places to visit In Ethiopia – Addis Ababa Tours

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